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Fangs for Nothing - Adrianne Ambrose Posted on Book Chelle.I have looked for a book with comedic content for a while. With all the different books that I have read, there was a common sadness lurking within the pages. With Adrianne Ambrose’s Fangs for Nothing, I found the opposite.Herbert “Sherbie” Lehmer has one purpose when he and his friends travel the continent. Hunt for vampires. Alongside with Alexander, “Xander.” and Irene, “Rini,” the three of them scour the different states in hopes of encountering their first vampire.Fangs for Nothing starts in San Francisco, with Sherbie following clues and strange people to a place rumored to hold vampires. Turns out that it is a club for vampire wannabes and posers. With a disappointed outcome, Sherbie, Xander, and Rini head back to Cleveland only with memories of disgusting smells and unpleasant memories.Ambrose further brings the characters in an unexpected turn of events that further allows the reader to get to know the three main characters. Sherbie was raised by his grandma, who is constantly secluded to her barka lounger and is a terror in the supermarket. Xander is a wealthy son of absent parents and generously share his riches with his best friends. Rini is “one of the guys,” but is as girly as vampire hunters can get. With this trio of characters, they find themselves amidst a cult of vampires and those who want to become one of them. Do they really have what it takes to take them down? Or will they succumb to the crowd and want to sign a contract of their own?The witty banter between Sherbie, Xander, and Rini makes for great reading. The comedic punchlines and timing is something for a great cult television show. Ambrose does a great job of inserting comic relief in situations that would otherwise be terrifying. They’re young and scouring the world for vampires? They’re lurking through dark alleys off a hunch from a stranger? No thanks.I enjoyed the characters and who they were. I enjoyed the plot, although, I wish that the plot came earlier in the story. I felt like most of the book developed the characters themselves and not unraveling the premise of the story. To me, the supporting characters felt like they took center stage, at times, and took the focus away from the main characters.Fangs for Nothing was an enjoyable, fun, and quick read. I would recommend this to everyone who is looking for a comedy with a bit.