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Vampire Knight, Vol. 01 - Tomo Kimura, Matsuri Hino **Rereading series, so I'm going to review each one as I go along.**When these first came out, my friend just came back from Japan. "This is the newest craze," he said. "You will absolutely love them." I was travelling for work when he gave them to me. I felt a little conscious of reading manga in a power suit, ready to board the morning commuter plane to San Francisco. I've read manga before, and I am also a fan of anime. But at this time, I felt like work was more important than keeping up with the volumes.But you know what? He was right. I did love them, and so will you.The Cross Academy has two classes for students to enroll in; the Day class and the Night class. Cross Academy also has two prefects to bring control and order between the Day and Night students. They also serve a separate purpose at the academy. They are the guardians to keep the students, of the day, safe from the vampires of the night.I was drawn to the concept. It was always taboo to have vampires and humans in the same vicinity. And for a school to integrate both? More to come!