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Review: Vampire's Kiss by Veronica Wolff

Vampire's Kiss - Veronica Wolff

Veronica Wolff intrigued me so much that I had to pick up Vampire’s Kiss. There was something absolutely captivating about this series that I couldn’t stop reading about it. I was lucky that I was late to the game and that the following books were already released. 

Drew’s first year as an Acari recruit wasn’t an easy one. After many tears, apprehensive nights, physical labor, she survived, but without sacrifices. Now Drew is determined to become a Watcher. But if she learned one thing after her first year, it is that nothing is what it seems. Vampires are sinister, recruits and deathly competitive, and she can only find solace in a select handful. Set to go on her first mission, Drew quickly learns that she is in much deeper than she can stand.
Drew has grown on me. Her tenacity has calmed down, but still lingers on the surface. She is still determined to do what she wants, but now she is a little weary. Her questions are slowly being answered, but not on purpose. It is sad how closed off she has become, but within reason. Drew’s life on the island has taken a turn for the worse, in more ways than one. And there is a creepy thing going on with the vampire Alcantara that really weirds me out. I mean, really, really weird.

The characters have evolved so much from Isle of Night to Vampire’s Kiss. Usually, I see characters evolve after the end of book two, but not for Wolff. She has placed each character into the perfect position to love or hate, depending on the scene. I began to understand each character and their thoughts, allowing for a perfect development and progression of growth. 

Wolff’s world was built solely on an island. In Vampire’s Kiss, she is extending that world for the sake of the mission. I was a little hesitant to love the changes, but once I read the story, those changes were inevitable. 

There are a lot of intriguing plots in Vampire’s Kiss, some action anxiety-causing scenes, as well as a cliffhanger that almost made me angry. The intensity of the plot is entertaining to read, and looking back I appreciate it a lot more now. There’s a good build-up in the story that will please fans of Wolff and The Watcher’s series. 

The Watcher’s series by Veronica Wolff is highly addictive and I urge you to read it.